about dérrive

“a unique, unplanned journey guided by your surroundings”

dérrive inspired by the french word “dérive" is described as a unique and unplanned journey guided by your surroundings, which is a lot of what my life has been. this is a creative outlet for me to share all things that i love and do. i’ve been travelling since i was too young to remember and i’ve always loved sharing my experiences and things that i’ve learned with my friends and family. i’ve done this in different ways over the years, from making blog posts on my myspace page as a 17 year old au pair in switzerland to teaching someone how to cook one of my old french family recipes. so dérrive is somewhere i can share it all in one place.

this is mostly going to be me photographing my cooking and recipes. easy, minimal food i make on a regular basis. documenting my little or big trips away (i’m always trying to plan my next getaway) as well as general lifestyle, wellness, beauty kind of stuff that i use every day. all of these aspects of my life have been pretty heavily influenced by my upbringing in a not-so-typical family. a french mum and an american dad who met while living in india in the 70's and moved my 4 brothers and i around the world before settling in noosa, australia. oh and my cat, i really love my cat. her name is wednesday. i hope you find something you like. 

nadia xx

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all photos by myself and anders