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dérrive carry on essentials

dérrive carry on essentials

i am off to new york this sunday for 3 weeks to see my best friends and meet their baby girl bambi <3 ! i am so ridiculously excited! i am starting to prepare everything and this includes my carry on essentials. a flight from brisbane to new york is not a short one (10 hours to seoul, korea and then 14 hours to JFK). it will be long and gruelling, so preparation is key if i am going to survive :o . my goal is always to feel as warm, clean, moisturized and comfortable as possible. here are some of my favourite things and maybe some carry on inspiration for you and your next trip :) xx 

1 /   aesop facial mist (and while i'm there i ask for a bunch of testers which are the perfect little travel size. moisturisers, hand creams, serums, exfoliants etc)

2 /   make up removing wipes

3 /   lavender essential oil and rescue remedy

4 /   sweat pantssweaters and thick fluffy socks!

5 /   a good magazine

6 /   memory foam neck pillow - with a little clip around the neck.... life changing

7 /   blue dinosaur bars

8 /   pashmina

9 /   melatonin

10 /   breath mints

11 /   organic instant miso soups also life changing

12 /   comfy ballet flats

13  /   good headphones 

14 /   bb cream

15 /   sunglasses

16 /   games - sudoku, uno, cards

17 /   silk slip eye mask!!!!!!!! 

18 /   nuxe honey lip balm

19 /   kindle

20 /   deodorant

a few other things - phone charger, laptop and charger, camera, toothbrush and toothpaste, a pen, passport and travel document holder, print outs of all of my id, insurance, phone numbers and addresses, a little cash in my destinations currency

afternoon apéritif: pastis, olives and anchovy crostini

afternoon apéritif: pastis, olives and anchovy crostini

fire cider: immune boosting, flu fighting tonic

fire cider: immune boosting, flu fighting tonic