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dérrive march loves

dérrive march loves

1 /   la tourangelle oils

besides the beautiful packaging, these oils are amazing. i recently got both grapeseed and avocado oil and i'm excited to try their olive and pistachio oils. i saw them stocked at a local organic shop where i live for literally more than double the price, then found them on iherb for much cheaper! 

2 /   ayu perfume oils

ayu are all natural locally hand blended perfumed oils inspired by the study of the revered vedic scripts. which i knew i had to try, because of my previously discussed love for ayurveda. i recently got the tester pack and can definitely say they smell as beautiful as they sound.

3 /   ikea jassa chair

discovered this ikea range the other week and fell in love with this chair.

4 /   alessi egg cup

designed by carlo mazzeri and anselmo vitale and in production since 1976, is one of the oldest products in the catalogue alessi. it has become a classic. all i want is eggs and soldiers when i look at this.

5 /   sienna nail polish

sienna nail polishes are eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free. made in byron bay, one of my favourite places in the world. i love brands like this that start from humble beginnings (a market stall in 2014 with 13 colours) and blossom into an internationally recognised brand. i not only love the product (hope is my favourite colour) but also the fact they are involved with so much charity work and giving back.

6 /   diane von furstenberg's book of beauty

diane von furstenberg's book of beauty: how to become a more attractive, confident and sensual woman, popped up on my pinterest recommendations and made me very excited. i love her and the fact this was published in the 70's. can't wait to read it.

7 /   insight timer meditation app

this is a really good free meditation app. there are hundreds of different meditations, short and long, guided or quiet, morning or evening, for all levels. i find when i do this consistently in the morning before i start my day, i feel a lot more focused and calm. highly recommend. 

8 /   ouai dry shampoo

i got pretty excited to try ouai hair products when they launched at sephora in australia. i got the mini dry shampoo to try and really like it. i want to try the texturizing spray and maybe the mousse next.

9 /   sun potion organic tocos powder

i've been reading alot about tocos on the internet being an amazing health and beauty supplement lately. so naturally i had to get some because if you don't know by now i love all things powders, herbs, elixirs, potions, superfoods. tocos has a rich creamy vanilla  flavour and is made from organic brown rice solubles. it is most famous as a super rich source of fat-soluble natural vitamin e and is widely recognized as being exceptional for connective tissue and skin health. add into smoothies or elixirs.

10 /   dr. marten dupree 3 eye shoes

in love with these super chic patent dr. martens. excited to wear them this winter with blue jeans and wool sweaters <3


red wine and bone broth french onion soup

red wine and bone broth french onion soup

diatomaceous earth

diatomaceous earth