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dérrive december loves

dérrive december loves

1. /   ikea wine glasses

on a recent trip to check out the new ikea that just opened near me, i discovered these little wine glasses and got myself a set. can't wait to use them all summer.

2. /   nocturnal animals

i was so excited to see that tom ford had directed another movie. i really liked his first movie "a single man" so had no doubt his new thriller nocturnal animals would not disappoint. i really liked it, although it i was definitely disturbing and i was on the edge of my seat for most the movie, maybe a little scream during one scene but everything was visually stunning.

3. /   diptyque baies candle

these candles are a classic. not only do i love the smell but also like to reuse the glass jar in my bathroom and bedroom as vases and makeup brush holders when they've run out. 

4. /   marble board

added this to my cheese board collection this month. yesss kmart.

5. /   superga classic

i was in need of a new pair of sneakers to wear over summer so i got these classic white supergas.

6. /   shu uemura eyelash curler

i've read all over the internet that this is one of the best eyelash curlers ever, so i got one and can definitely say it lives up to the hype.

7. /   uniqlo linen shirt

i love the uniqlo linen shirts. i have these in a few colours and love to wear them to the beach or out for dinner with some jeans, lipstick and earrings.

8. /   aroma dream ultrasonic diffuser

i've been using a diffuser for a while now. part of my night time routine is to turn this on in my room about an hour before bed with some lavender or fragonia essential oil. it relaxes the shit out of me. i just had to replace my old diffuser, so i got this one from perfect potion.

9. /   caudalie nourishing body lotion

i am a serial body wash/lotion buyer. i get VERY excited when i run out, because i get to choose a new one. i've just bought the caudalie body lotion and it is lovely. 

10. /   glow advanced inner beauty powder

i've known about the beauty chef for a while now and until recently have never bought anything, even though i have wanted to for ages. the inner beauty powder recently got an upgrade and i decided it was time to try it. i'm seriously loving it and can't wait to see the long term effects.

cherry, almond and spelt clafoutis

cherry, almond and spelt clafoutis

bali: nusa lembongan

bali: nusa lembongan