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dérrive january loves

dérrive january loves

1 /   leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook

with the new year here i am trying to become a more organised person. i am going to attempt bullet journalling with this leuchtturm dotted notebook. 

2 /   s'well bottle

i'm so bad at drinking water during the day. i always forget. i find having a water bottle i can fill up before i leave the house and keep with me at all times has been helping with this problem.

3 /   country road linen wrap top

recently wandering through country road i noticed all these gorgeous french linen tops and dresses, so i got myself a black wrap top. perfect for a morning at the markets or an afternoon drink out somewhere.

4 /   country road bucket hat

i also saw these cute bucket hats on sale for $14 and had to get one.

5 /   100 % pure konjac charcoal sponge

i love using these konjac sponges in the shower when washing my face. they are made of only konjac and charcoal which gently buff and detoxify impurities from your skin. i definitely feel a nice difference when using these and it's super relaxing to use as well.

6 /   clinique black honey almost lipstick

my mum has had this sheer lipstick since the 90's. it is actually the first make up i ever used. it's the best everyday natural colour.

7 /   bobbi brown natural brow shaper

i've been using this tinted brow gel for a long time now and recently had to restock. one of these easily lasts me over a year. i love it because it adds colour but gives the feathery and natural look at the same time. i always get complimented on my eyebrows when i use this.

8 /   tropeaka lean vanilla protein

i've been trying out this all natural vegan vanilla protein. i'll make a quick shake after a hiit workout with anders or after ballet using this protein, blueberries, flaxseeds, hemp milk and ice. it's so good and filled with a bunch of other healthy ingredients, like aloe vera for digestion. <3

9 /   outdoor voices athena crop

i find getting crisp new workout gear gives me more incentive to workout, so i got this outdoor voices athena crop. 

10 /   foam roller

i really love foam rolling. it feels so good after any workout or a long day. i notice a difference in my body when i use one regularly, and somehow i have a way better sleep if i do it before bed. last year we bought a $15 one from target and one day anders was using it and he literally crushed it because it was such bad quality. moral of the story is invest in a good quality one. the spikey ones rule.