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how i stay healthy and energised on vacation

how i stay healthy and energised on vacation

i thought i'd share how i keep myself healthy, balanced and energised when i'm on vacation. a holiday is no fun if i'm feeling tired, bloated and sick the whole time from too much alcohol, food and running around. i like to have a little pizza then do some yoga and take some probiotics #balance

this is not a "how to", it's just what works really well for me. everyone is different and i always speak with my doctor or naturopath before taking any new supplements :)

/   i eat a healthy breakfast

every day i try to have a healthy and filling breakfast for steady energy and good digestion. i also practice intermittent fasting (which i feel really good benefits from, read more here) so my breakfast won't be until about 11am. my favourite breakfasts are my golden milk flax breakfast bowlbanana, yogurt and flax bowl, chia puddings or poached eggs and greens

/   i drink clay or take charcoal tablets

travelling takes a toll on my body, especially when in a big new city where i'm breathing in a lot more pollution, eating different foods grown in different soil etc so i will drink bentonite clay every night before bed or take a few charcoal tablets while travelling to pull out all the toxins, bacteria, heavy metals and impurities from the day

/   i take probiotics

probiotics in general are life but i definitely make sure i am taking them when i travel. i'll have them by eating yoghurt in my breakfast, kombucha mixed with aloe vera juice is a current favourite, kefir and good quality probiotic pills that don't need to be refrigerated

/   i keep my lymphatic system moving

i feel the effects of stagnant energy in my lymphatic system really easily. i get water retention, tired, puffy around my neck and face and super low energy. i make it a BIG priority to keep it flowing and detoxifying on holiday by walking every day, dry body brushing, cold showers, face massage tools and drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. it makes a world of difference

/   i research healthy places to eat

i alway research where the best healthy places to eat are whenever i travel. i have a blog post coming soon on my favourite healthy new york spots :)

/   a day on/day off of busy activities

i feel it's very important to preserve my energy as much as possible so i don't wear myself out! so when i travel i plan a big day out then i'll make sure the next day is a relax and recharge day by drinking a lot of water, eating a bunch of fruit and vegetables, have a bath, do a facemask, watch netflix. i've had trips where i literally burn myself out by trying to do too much and enjoy my time less, get sick and exhausted

/   walk, ride and yoga whenever possible

following up with the lymphatic point, i try to make sure i am walking everyday, renting bikes wherever possible (currently citi bikes in new york). i also do ballet beautiful on my laptop or yoga

/   i have herbal teas and supplements for energy and digestion

travelling for me means a little more alcohol, a little more indulgent foods, which can take a toll on my organs, especially my liver. so i'll drink a lot of dandelion, peppermint and green tea with coconut oil or butter. i'm currently in new york so i'm having  moon juice, sun potion, and my friends just got me into sakara life hemp chocolates which is kind of like taking a natural xanax before going on the subway or somewhere that i know will cause a little anxiety

/   i go shopping at the farmer's market and whole foods

i love farmer's markets. one of my favourite things to do when i travel is experience a market in a new city or town. if i'm staying at an air bnb or in this case my friends house, i'll buy some fresh produce and stock up the fridge. also, whole foods!! obsessed :o it makes being healthy so much easier

/   i meditate before bed every night

before going to sleep every night i'll put on a relaxing sleep meditation on insight timer or headspace to wash away a busy day and have a deeper more restful sleep

/   i have fun and don't stress about food or "gaining weight"

i find that over stressing about "gaining weight" can really dampen the mood of a vacation, so i think balance and not stressing too much is key. rather than focusing on gaining weight, i focus on "will this help me feel energised and healthy" for my daily adventures


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