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dérrive december loves

dérrive december loves

1 /   the daily hit

i love anything CAP beauty - so when i saw they released "the daily hit", it was a no brainer to purchase it immediately. their new CBD oil laced with mushrooms and adaptogens has become my new daily ritual to help combat the stresses of everyday city life. it actually works. read more about it here.

2 /   kelp

i recently started taking a kelp supplement every morning to get my thyroid and health back up to speed. the last few months of life have been a bit stressful - lots of work, less sleep, less exercise and less fresh and healthy food. kelp is a great source of vitamins and minerals, specifically iodine which is incredible for underactive thyroid. it's also a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, as well as minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium. great for anti aging, skin and hair health, weight loss, detoxification and loads more. i feel MUCH more energised after taking this in the morning.

3 /   call me by your name

the other day it was raining outside and i was in the mood for the movies, so i took myself on a date to see call me by your name. it was the perfect escape to a romantic summer in the italian countryside. highly recommend!!!

4 /   daniel wellington gold watch

5 /  le labo tester perfumes

one of my favorite places to go in brooklyn is le labo in williamsburg. the store is so beautiful and there's a coffee shop connected to it. i like to browse around and always buy myself different testers which are $6 each and are a perfectly convenient way to carry perfume around in my purse everyday.

6 /   the ordinary marula oil

i really like the ordinary products. simple, affordable and very effective. lately i've been enjoying the marula oil. it's perfect to apply after doing the drunk elephant baby facial. i wake up with bright, soft and super clear skin every time i use it.

7 /   rosemary tea

as the weather gets colder in new york, i've been struggling to drink as much water, so i switched to tea. i've been loving drinking organic rosemary tea throughout the day. it's great to help cleanse the liver which i feel i've needed after the last few months. It is also great for skin, digestion, concentration etc etc :)

8 /   cook beautiful

i absolutely love the new cook beautiful book. i like to scan through the pages and admire the stunning dishes created by athena calderone of eyeswoon.com - very inspirational

9 /   cb2 copper tea pot

one of my favorite new homeware store discoveries since moving to the usa is CB2. i saw this copper tea pot and had to buy.

10 /   catbird tiny diamond studs

another favorite spot of mine in williamsburg, brooklyn is catbird. a must visit if you're ever in new york. it's beautiful fine handmade jewellery... read about it here. i recently got these tiny diamond studs and they've become my everyday staple. love x

socca pizza with potato, goats cheese and rosemary

socca pizza with potato, goats cheese and rosemary

2 days in montauk

2 days in montauk